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Giving your loved one the ability to stay in contact with the people and things they care about helps them to maintain a more positive outlook for the future and helps with overall attitude development. Give the people you care about the tools they need to keep in contact with the people and things that bring them happiness and help them complete their incarceration successfully today.

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Our Services offers communications services to inmates on all levels from federal to local jails the ability to save money on phone and other communications needs that simplify their incarceration. We offer local numbers for inmates, texting service, photo to text number, international communication services. We also have the ability to keep inmates connected to their social media accounts such as dating websites to facebook to penpal sites.

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Texting and Six Local Numbers

$24.95 | 300 minutes

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$19.99 | 300 minutes

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FAQs provides you with a local number for your incarcerated loved one to call family, friends and loved ones from their facility to save money on phone calls.

Because we use local numbers local to the inmate’s facility it reduces the call because the number will not be considered dialing as a long distance number.

Yes, because when you use a local number the inmate still uses the number to go through the prison phone system. Once the inmate puts the number on their approved call list they will complying with the applicable rules reducing their call from 21 cents per minute to 6 cents per minute.

Yes, and you can have as many as you want. The inmate can have a number he desires to purchase. Each additional number requires a monthly fee or origination and local taxes. Check out the package special deals for inmates.
We will provide new local numbers local to the new facility.
There are no hidden charges. Any restrictions will be displayed.


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