Text Only

Receive text messages on a dedicate phone number. Messages will be relayed to your corrlinks account. Limit 100 texts per month. No images unless separate upgrade. (See our Photo Service)


Photo Service

Texting and Six Local Numbers

Get one phone number for texting. Receive up to 100 message per month. No images without upgrading to our Photo Service. 6 local phone numbers for your family to share 300 minutes of talk time per month.

$24.95 | 300 minutes

Local Numbers Only

Want to talk to your friends or family without long distance charges? Buy a local number and assign it to any US number you choose. (No international calls)

$19.99 | 300 minutes

Voice + Text + Photos

This combination package has it all. Get a local number for voice calls. And get a number to receive 100 texts per month and 10 photos per month.


Photo Service

Photo Service

Buy a batch of photos for your text number. Each photo will be printed and mailed to you. Add more photos to your account as you need.